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History & Heritage

An island with a colourful past

Nowhere else in the world can you blend Neolithic history, World War II fortifications and medieval castles with the latest modern technology to provide the perfect backdrop for outstanding events.

Jersey’s colourful past has left a legacy of unique spaces from ancient dolmens and characterful farmhouses to sea bound fortresses and charming vineyards.

Explore the past

You don’t have to scratch too far beneath the surface to experience Jersey’s rich and multi-layered history. From Stone Age dolmens – ancient burial grounds – to traces of island defences and wartime occupations, on the island of Jersey, history is within easy reach.

Experimental dining

Frame your event in a one-off location and invite your clients to discover the island from a totally new perspective. How about a pop-up dining experience in a historic fort perched on the cliff edge or a 30s-style boat-shaped beach hut just a few steps from the sand?

Abseil adventures

Abseiling from Mont Orgueil Castle has to be the ultimate adrenaline rush and incentive experience. Take courage, lean back and trust the rope (and your instructor!) and head for terra firma. The perfect introduction to adventure sports and a breathtaking way to take in the castle views.

Point to point vintage car rally

Jump in a vintage car and zigzag along Jersey’s country lanes on a scavenger hunt. Discover the island by following the clues whilst working as a team to figure out where your next location will be. Zip around the nine by five mile island before popping into a cosy pub retreat.