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Globally competitive with a growing digital sector

The island venue aims to lead the field in the digital sector and the world of internet enabled technology, securing its position as an internationally well-regarded digital centre, delivering sustainable economic growth. A skilled workforce will ensure that people have the capability to make the most of a more connected digital society and enhanced quality of life.

Jersey is one of the most attractive locations in the world to run a digital enterprise.

Why choose Jersey?
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    A thriving digital ecosystem

    The digital tech ecosystem in Jersey thrives, consolidating its importance in the dynamic business environment of the island. Built from a base of strong professional services, Jersey’s strengths constantly grow in digital technology and innovation. Leading financial institutions and world class corporate services providers are attracted to Jersey by the pro-business Government of Jersey, making it a perfect place for pioneering tech businesses.

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    A dynamic tech hub for entrepreneurs

    Jersey’s tech and creative community has a strong record of growth, now with more than 400 digital businesses, and over 3,000 professionals working in digital tech roles. This has created a strong network of entrepreneurs and individuals who are passionate about developing a proactive tech hub which encourages opportunities for collaboration and growth.

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    A connected digital and tech community

    Jersey has an overwhelming sense of community which drives collaborations within the tech sector. This community helps tech companies and start-ups build connections on building blocks of shared objectives, views, or missions. Binging together like-minded businesspeople together in this way within the digital arena helps accelerate digital business in Jersey.

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    Growing tech industry jobs

    In the last 10 years, over 1,000 jobs have been created in the digital tech economy. Over 3,000 individuals were working in the digital tech economy in Jersey in 2021. The telecoms industry alone employs over 500 staff which enabled Jersey, in 2018, to complete the rollout of its fibre network to over 40,000 homes and premises, this makes us only the second jurisdiction in the world to have implemented this and Jersey is now home to the fastest broadband speeds in the world.

Digital Industry Ambassador
CEO of Digital Jersey Tony Moretta

Find out what makes Tony think Jersey is the ultimate events venue

Tony has over 20 years of senior management experience across a wide range of digital industries, including mobile, online, broadcast, payments, advertising and data analytics, using the latest technological innovations to develop new revenue streams.

Tony began his career at NatWest on the graduate training programme, going on to spend seven years there and rising to Senior Manager of Commercial Development in their cards business. He went on to work for Visa Europe as Vice President of New Products, where he developed a number of new electronic payment products. He took this interest in innovation to ITV Digital where he was Director of Interactivity, followed by senior positions at the National Grid Wireless and Digital Radio UK, where he increased digital radio sales from five million to eleven million in testing market conditions and persuaded the car industry to standardise it in all new models.

Before joining Digital Jersey, he was delivering a number of projects in the digital space for both the UK Government and major private sector companies, and was one of the founders of Weve, a joint venture between EE, O2 & Vodafone in mobile marketing, payments and data analytics.

As CEO of Digital Jersey Tony is responsible for delivering the organisation’s long-term economic, social and reputational objectives together with meeting annual business plan goals, to develop Jersey as a recognised digital jurisdiction.

My name’s Tony Moretta, I’m the CEO at Digital Jersey, which is a government funded agency to develop the digital economy in Jersey. In one of our most notable events, we had about 30 speakers from around the world, from the US, from Europe and from the UK come together in Jersey to meet for 3 days to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence, mostly the impact on the financial services industry but also looking at issues such as the ethics of artificial intelligence. We had about 120 attendees from the local finance and digital  industries here in Jersey, all meting with the global speakers, learning from them and discussing these issues over a great 3 days.

Jersey, of course, is a world class financial centre so we have a lot of experts here in that field. We have great connectivity by air so people were able to fly into London from hubs around the world and get down to Jersey with only 30 – 40 minutes in the air. But it’s not just the air connectivity, people are quite surprised when they get here to a small island that has amazingly fast broadband speeds and amazingly fast mobile data speeds that are actually faster than the broadbands they have in their homes and offices back in the UK or in the US.

What we find is people come here for an event and Jersey gets under their skin a bit, they really think this is a fascinating place. You get all of the features of a much bigger country but crammed into 45 square miles with the sun shining, the weather, the beaches and everything else this small island can offer. So Jersey really is a place where leisure and business come together to create the perfect event venue.

Carrie Cooper


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Paul Savery

Financial Services

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