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Jersey Finance Ltd Demo Day


Adam Brown

Adam Brown
Senior Projects Manager

How many people attended? How many of these were off-island?

Fintech Demo Day was an event to showcase best in class fintech solutions to Jersey Finance members with an on the day attendance of over 200.  Of the 15 speaking firms, 10 were local, four speakers were from the UK, one was from France, and a Jersey based firm flew in several of their UK partners.  The off-island speakers viewed Jersey as an attractive place to do business, proximity to major financial services hubs, strong travel links, and a highly connected business sector were compelling factors in speakers supporting the event, many have already booked repeat visits to Jersey, some combining business and leisure.

What were your event priorities for the event?

The event provided a platform for finance and technology communities to come together, to collaborate on new ideas and solutions.  We intentionally blended home grown fintech companies with off-island companies to ensure there was something for everyone at the event.  Having 15 speakers gave the event a pacey and vibrant feel, and a feeling that there is more to explore, much like Jersey as a whole.

Why was the spring a great time to hold an event in Jersey?

We gave careful consideration to the event timing and identified spring as the time when we can maximise attendance, with value for money travel and accommodation in the island for the delegates. Spring  in Jersey is a fantastic time of year for people who want to experience the best of Jersey outdoors.  The island bursts into life and we encouraged delegates to get outdoors and enjoy Jersey’s natural landscapes with walking and cycling. The more adventurous were encouraged to try their hand at kayaking and paddleboarding. Jersey has so many springtime events to offer visiting delegates, and our Fintech Demo Day was held in close proximity to the Jersey Boat Show and Liberation Day. Many of the UK speakers extended their stay to take in the Boat Show which really made a lasting impression of the island.

What was your event brief and how did Jersey deliver?

The event was driven by feedback from those in financial services to hear from forward thinking fintech companies, Jersey delivered by combining a ready financial services sector and a thriving fintech sector with an excellent set of products and speakers.

Who did you work with on-island to make the event a success?

From the events perspective, having excellent conference space and AV support allowed Jersey Finance to deliver a successful event.  Jersey Finance worked with members to find out areas of importance to their businesses which allowed us to deliver a relevant and impactful event that will have a long-lasting impact.