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RBC Super League Triathlon

RBC Super League Triathlon returned to Jersey’s waterfront in September 2019 welcoming 55 of the world’s best athletes to the island and over 9,000 unique spectators.

Michael D’Hulst

Michael D’Hulst

On planning the RBC Super League Triathlon event in Jersey, the priority was to deliver the best experience based sports event to ever come to the island. By encouraging the world’s best triathletes to participate, structuring a tight and technical downtown course, we were passionate about showcasing the value of the sport of triathlon in a new and unique way, giving people a really entertaining event to come and watch.

Jersey once again provided RBC Super League Triathlon with the perfect destination to kick off the 2019 Championship Series, welcoming over 9,000 spectators. Shining a light on Jersey’s sporting event capabilities, research in 2019 recorded a growth of over 80% year-on-year and contributing a total visitor spend of £751,000.

When you build events like this as part of a global circuit, there are two primary focuses. The first being the local experience and ensuring the footprint we leave is both positive and engaging for the community we touch. Then there is the international component of the event, which is usually tied to the TV production piece, the content creation in all its forms and delivering that to a wider audience. In doing so the aim is ensure that the event is viewed by those that don’t have the opportunity to experience it live, and to position it as something they will want to be a part of in the future.

Working with the Events Jersey team, our event brief was exactly that, relatively brief. We had an ‘all hands on deck’ approach because we had a very short runway in which to deliver the event. We are huge believers in the SLT product and we took on the challenge of showcasing the event in Jersey for two main reasons; the venue was a perfect fit and the Island had not previously been host to other triathlon events, which may potentially muddy any preconception of what SLT is.

We had confidence in the local team on the ground and the support and drive of the local community was above and beyond anything anticipated, a huge factor in the success of the event. Jersey was simply remarkable from a “what can we do to help?” attitude. Delivering events in a tight timescale can be pressurised and working with governmental departments can bring challenges, but as organisers we felt that we were all working to aligned goals, all involved stepped up to the challenge and were extremely helpful.

We cannot thank Jersey enough for their support and look forward to the next event being even bigger and better.


Events Jersey was solid in providing us the framework and connections to help us plug in our operations. When outside events companies like SLT come to venues, the biggest support that can be given is expediting the communication lines with on ground suppliers and potentially understanding the inventory on the ground. Events Jersey was helpful in this space and they were able to react quickly to our requests, understanding the tight time lines.

We believe Jersey is a remarkable events destination. The back drop is beautiful and the community is highly engaged. The ease of access into Jersey with direct flights from Gatwick is a big plus, alongside the ferry services that also feed France. The proximity to the UK and the simple fact that a trip to Jersey from say London or Manchester is easy to take and yet is ‘the island break’ makes it a very attractive destination for an event that is targeting spectator driven revenue.

We have delivered more than 30 events globally and Jersey as a destination is most certainly one of the best.