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Swimrun Jersey

Jersey's Newest Adventure Event Hits The Ground Running (And Swimming!)

Swim Run Jersey
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Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas
Managing Director, 3D Events

We are a Jersey based event management company and wanted to add a Swim Run event to our existing portfolio of events that include Jersey Marathon and Jersey Triathlon.

We launched Swim Run Jersey in 2022 with our event partner Vaughan Robinson, an experienced triathlete, Swim Run lover and active member of the Jersey Triathlon club.

Jersey’s dramatic coastline, woodland areas, cliff paths and beaches makes it the perfect destination for a Swim Run event. The characteristics of the Island help make the course a unique, and adventure-filled route, with many technical entries in and out of the sea. With Jersey having the third largest tidal range in the world, it makes the swim elements challenging and ever changing, and contributes to the uniqueness of Swim Run Jersey against other SwimRun events around the world.

With the support from Events Jersey, Swim Run Jersey has been able to market to a wider overseas audience, bringing both UK and international athletes to the island for the event. We are proud that Swim Run Jersey was voted ‘Best New Race’ by the readers of in 2022 and we look forward to continuing the growth of the event across an international audience over the coming years.

Swim Run Jersey operates three different distances to cater for a wider range of participants. Starting at the iconic historical location of Mont Orgueil Castle and finishing at St. Catherine’s Breakwater and Sorel. Our key local partners on the event are Le Mourier Swim, Sea, Save who provide our high level of water safety on the event and are well supported by Jersey Canoe Club.

Normandy Rescue provide the comprehensive medical cover for the event. Both partners are an essential part of our wider safety team. We work with many accommodation providers on the island, all of whom provide a very warm welcome to visiting athletes., 22 June 2022
Swimrun Returns To Jersey’s Rugged Shores

“Swim Run in Jersey is here to stay. Despite six successful events since 2016, for a while it looked like 2021 was to be the last.  However, local events management company 3D Events stepped in to save this iconic Swim Run destination in 2022, and and annually going forward, with the next event taking place on Saturday 9 September 2023.

There are rocks, woodlands, beaches, castles, cliffs, trails and some steps.  If it is adventure you want then this race is for you. Even locals have discovered parts of the island that they would never normally explore. With the third largest tidal range in the world, the swimming component is both challenging and ever changing.”

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"Jersey is made for this type of event, it has such a stunning coastline" - Melissa Messervy (Previous Winner)