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Put some flavour into your next event

Jersey’s farming roots run deeply through the island’s history and heritage. The island is bursting with flavour from abundant local produce and rich creamy milk, to seafood straight from the clear waters surrounding the island.

Jersey’s agribusiness presents a platform to ignite collaboration and innovation at your event.

Why choose Jersey?
  • 1
    Jersey Royals

    Jersey has one of the largest tidal flows in the world, nourishing the land with rich marine minerals. It’s the reason that the Jersey Royal has a unique flavour. Taste them in the only place they’re grown.

  • 2
    Jersey Cows

    Explore Jersey’s countryside and you’ll be sure to see the iconic Jersey cow, famous for their rich creamy milk, treat yourself to Jersey cream, locally-made cheese and ice-cream while you’re here.

  • 3

    Discover local oysters cultivated in the beds fed by the shallow waters of the bay of Grouville. Best eaten with a view of the sea!

  • 4

    Jersey’s currents bring an array of delicious shellfish, crab and lobster close to our shores. So when you see lobster on a Jersey menu, you can be sure it’s locally caught.

Agribusiness Ambassador
CEO Genuine Jersey John Garton

Find out what makes John think #theislandbreak is great for events

“Jersey is an ideal place to get the most out of people’s day. The facilities are excellent, in my opinion the food is fantastic; people here know how to organise successful events.”

John Garton leads a loyal and enthusiastic membership of Genuine Jersey producers with the ambition to promote the diversity and quality of local produce. While some members ensure the survival of Jersey’s heritage and traditions, others are at the forefront of introducing pioneering farming methods, new crops or exploring previously untapped international markets. John shares his thoughts on Jersey’s event capabilities, drawing on his experience of organising the Genuine Jersey Markets.

My name’s John Garton, I run Genuine Jersey which is a provenance association; it’s an association of local producers here in Jersey. We organise events that are really an interaction between, of course, the producer and the consumer . We have a selection of local producer markets that take place during the summer and over Christmas we hold a large Christmas market in the Royal Square in Jersey where we, really quite quickly, built up a team of people who were able to put on a successful event.

We also organise a farming conference, it’s quite easy to attract people as the delegates can get everywhere quickly as everything’s relatively close here. Plus, Jersey facilities are fantastic, the food was great and really people made it easy for me to organise the event.

One of the things that is special, and one of the reasons we get people coming to Jersey is our beautiful cows which is one of the fastest growing breeds globally, and this is their home. We’ve got 3,000 of these local ladies, they’re all producing amazing milk. People come from all over the world to visit these sorts of farms.

When planning your event, it’s good to consider there are loads of flights coming in from London and all over the UK, flight times are short and there are good boat links. Once people get here it’s a beautiful place, while you’re sitting in the countryside, the seaside isn’t very far away and so people enjoy being in Jersey. And all of this is why, I think Jersey is an ideal place to hold an event.

Tony Moretta


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